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Moving Soon

 you will need to change your address. You can now do this quickly and easily online through the USPS website. Visit https://moversguide.usps.com/?referral=USPS.

Also, you may be planning on some home improvements. Planning on doing it yourself? Check this site for assistance with all of your repairs and improvements

Don't forget that when you move you will probably have a lot of clothes and other items that you will be giving away. You can visit
http://locator.goodwill.org to find your nearest Goodwill Donation Center.

Energy Saving

Speaking of saving money, according to the Alliance to Save Energy, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency, American consumers and businesses spend some $21 billion annually, on lighting alone, and could cut their costs in half with energy-efficient light bulbs and fixtures while improving the environment. Installing efficient lighting in American homes and businesses would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 140 million tons each year--as much as eliminating all the carbon dioxide produced by the state of New Jersey! Isn't that amazing?

I found a website (sponsored by the EPA and the DOE) that shows how to save money on energy bills by incorporating their energy efficiency suggestions. It's

Whatever stage you are at with your housing needs, I would like to meet you and get to know you and your family. That way you won't be working with a stranger on these important decisions

Tip of the Day From www.moneypit.com

Home Alone

Spring break should be a relaxing time, especially if you’re planning to go on vacation. But preparing your home for your departure can be stressful. Whether you’re leaving home for a week or a month, you can rest easy with these tips for keeping your home safe while you’re away:

·       Arrange for someone to do seasonal maintenance, such as mowing, raking or snow removal.

·       Have mail or packages picked up by a friend, forwarded or held by the
post office.

·       Stop newspaper deliveries and ask a
neighbor to pick up freebie newspapers
and circulars.

·       Lower your telephone ringer (and
answering machine volume) and never
 leave an outgoing message that says
you’re away.

·       Use timers to turn lights off and on at the
appropriate times. Compensate for having
lights on when no one’s home by turning
off other appliances that are often left on,
such as DVD players, computers and
microwaves. Also consider connecting
a radio to a timer.

·       Leave blinds open in their usual position.

·       If you live in a cold climate, keep the heat on just enough so that the pipes don’t freeze.

·       Ask neighbors to park their car in your driveway.


Project Runaway
You know that remodeling can add value to a home, but how do you know what rooms are worth remodeling, how much to spend and how to prevent your project from getting out of hand?

   First, think about design and function, and distinguish between your wants and your needs — do you want to refresh your space to help you sell your home or do you want to create your dream room in the house you’re thinking of buying? Your goals for the project will set the parameters of your budget.

   Room size, floor plan, product choices and amount of required labor affect the cost of a project. Kitchens, for example, can range from $5,000 to $50,000. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry recommends saving 10 percent to 20 percent of your budget for unforeseen costs. Be ready to make compromises here and there and plan to do some of the work yourself if you’re hoping to keep costs down.

   There are various ways to finance a remodeling project, and many professional remodeling contractors are familiar with available financing options. Be sure to research funding sources carefully and compare qualification guidelines, interest rates, terms


Cut the finger off an old rubber glove and slide it over the handle of long-handled tools and brooms. This prevents them from slipping when you prop them against a wall while working.


Maid for
  Each Other

Spring has sprung and so have all the dust bunnies in your home. Now it’s time to bring in the professionals for a clean sweep. Whether you need a professional to come in and do a one-time, big clean or you are looking for a more regular solution to household dust and dirt, it’s important to find a reputable service provider and to communicate your needs and expectations up front.

    Asking friends or neighbors for cleaning-service recommendations is the best way to start the process. Consider whether you want to use a cleaning service or an individual housecleaner. Call several prospective cleaners and ask them about experience, rates and availability, and if they’re bonded and insured. Find out if the people who will be coming through are employees or private contractors

and if they bring their own cleaning supplies. For regular services, find out if it will be the same crew every time.

   Once you’ve selected someone, it’s a good idea to meet in your home and walk the cleaners through the house, pointing out places you want cleaned and asking specific questions, such as, “How would you remove these stains from my carpet?” or “What do you use to clean hardwood floors?”

     Be sure to determine the day and time the cleaners will come and how long they expect


According to Remodeling magazine’s 20th annual Cost vs. Value Report, the top five midrange home improvements that bring the greatest returns are: a wood deck addition (85.4 percent); siding replacement (83.2 percent); minor kitchen remodel (83 percent); wood window replacement (81.2 percent); and vinyl window replacement (79.3 percent). For more information, go to www.costvsvalue.com.



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